How to take care of your toothbrush

How To Take Care Of Your Toothbrush In Waurn Ponds, Geelong At Dove Dental

Brushing our teeth is such a normal part of our daily routine that we barely spare a second thought for our toothbrushes. For all the hard work that it does, this unsung hero deserves better care especially since it can only do its job of keeping us healthy if it is in good condition, so today we will be looking at top tips for keeping your toothbrush in tip-top shape!

Why do we need to take care of our toothbrushes?

The oral cavity is home to millions of bacteria, including those within the plaque that forms on our teeth throughout the day. It should not be surprising then that these germs collect on your toothbrush after you have used them to brush your teeth and tongue. To prevent the spread of these bacteria and remain in good health, toothbrush care is essential.

5 tips for toothbrush care

Some of the ways that you can properly care for your toothbrush include the following:

Clean your toothbrush:

Simply placing your toothbrush under running water and giving it a good shake afterward is not always enough, especially if you have recently had the flu or cold (more on that later). For a deeper clean, you can try boiling the bristles for a few minutes to kill any germs present or soaking your toothbrush for several minutes in any of the following:

– A dilution of 3% hydrogen peroxide to one cup of water
– A dilution of 2 teaspoons baking soda to one cup of water
– Antibacterial mouthwash

Store your toothbrush properly:

Your toothbrush should not be locked in a cabinet/drawer or in a toothbrush cover. Instead, it should be stored upright and allowed to air dry as moisture on the bristles will encourage bacterial growth. Additionally, your toothbrush should never be stored near the toilet as flushing will send millions of bacteria into the air that can settle on your toothbrush. Keep it several feet away and ensure that the lid is always down before flushing.

Never share your toothbrush with another person:

Not even a close family member, no matter the circumstances, as this increases the risk of spreading bacteria and germs and developing oral health problems.

How To Take Care Of Your Toothbrush In Waurn Ponds, Geelong At Dove Dental

Be gentle with your toothbrush:

Brushing harder does not mean that you are brushing better. In fact, this does more harm than good as not only can it cause the enamel of your teeth to be worn away (toothbrush abrasion) making the teeth more susceptible to sensitivity and cavity-causing bacteria, but it also causes the bristles of your toothbrush to become bent and worn and no good for brushing.

Replacing your toothbrush:

If the bristles of your toothbrush are frayed, it is time to get a replacement. However, another general rule of thumb is that your toothbrush should be replaced every 3 to 4 months or right after you have recovered from the cold or flu as bacteria from these illnesses can remain on the bristles and potentially re-infect you.

Improve your oral hygiene routine by using these tips to properly care for your toothbrush.

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